The No-Nonsense Guide To Building Your PBN in 2017


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In this massive guide I will teach you how to setup your own Private Blog Network for maximum SEO power - using the best techniques, tools and systems that are available.

I’ve worked very hard on perfecting my system and spent countless hours and money experimenting and figuring this out.

The entire process looks something like this...

  The cheapest way to acquire these metrics is by identifying an Expired Domain, but this can be tedious and get tricky at times.

When you setup your Domain on your PBN, then all you need to do is channel the incoming link juice to its pages forward to your money site page(s). You may do this using multiple ways including simple links, image links, or using 301 redirects (internal and external).

I’ll talk more about this later on in the guide.

Once you build your own Private Blog Network that you control, you will have all sorts of SEO super-powers!

There are various factors that go into setting up each site in your PBN and manage your entire PBN. I will cover each in depth in this guide, but very briefly, here are the associated costs for each.

Domain Acquisition
You can acquire domains via different methods and therefore their are different associated costs. If you buy domains via an auction it could set you back by $50 to $300 or more. If you purchase a domain / site on Flippa you could spend a lot more. Again, what domain you need depends on your niche, current SEO, the competition and you overall SEO strategy.

The cheapest option is to buy expired domains. These are domains that the original owner did not renew and is up for grabs. This will set you back only around $10 (the cost of registering a new domain).

But, to find domains that have authority and the ability to pass down raking power to your money site is a task that requires a good eye and fair amount of experience in evaluating SEO potential.

Web Hosting
Always get premium CPanel Shared Hosting or Cloud Hosting. If you get CPanel shared hosting be prepared to pay around $3 to $5 per site per month at a decent web hosting company. It gets cheaper if you put more sites onto the same account on the same IP (but be careful not to link out from 2 different PBN sites on the same IP to the same money site - as that's a deadly footprint for Google to net your PBN).

Also, do not buy $1 cheap hosts, because all their IPs have bad websites hosted on them and your PBN site will get a "bad neighborhood" reputation. This can lead to de-indexation by Google.

Site Setup (design, installation, backend)
The cost of this varies. You can do this in-house or hire a team of VAs to get it done for you. You may need to spend money on acquiring premium themes and plugins, should you want to give your PBN sites an extra oomph. On an average expect to pay around $50 to $70 per site setup.

Many PBN builders skim this part thinking its not too very important. However, with all the recent algorithm updates content plays a major role.

Make sure you hire good writers and expect to pay them $4 to $5 per 500 words of on-site content, and never use spun content on your PBNs because that's what will get them de-indexed real fast.

PBN Management
When you build out a large network of PBNs you need to make sure that you setup a system to manage them efficiently without opening any holes for Google to spy into your PBN sites list.

I use dropbox and excel to store my list of PBNs and I never use Chrome when I visit the sites directly.

How many PBN sites do you need?
This is a very common question. The answer depends obviously on what you are trying to rank, and how much damage you are planning to do.

If your money site is in a small niche a small network of 8 to 10 PBN sites with basic ranking power (TF15+ and clean domains) should be good enough to push you high up in the SERPs.

If you find one domain with TF 35+ then that one single site can be as powerful as 5 smaller sites. But, then you pay more for it and you will need to really build it up with a lot more content.

Also, you get one link with one single anchor variation from it.Its best to diversify and get links from multiple PBN sites that have starter metrics that are decent and that will give you a more variety in your anchor link profile.

Isolating Your PBNs Safely
While building out links to your client niche sites or your affiliate sites make sure you never link out to the same site from the same IP.

So, if you have 5 sites hosted on one IP shared hosting service, never link to the same single money site from 2 different PBN sites on this hosting account / shared IP.

To minimize the money you spend on hosting your PBN sites, you can simply put different niche specific sites on each shared hosting IP account.

Finding Quality Domains with good SEO Ranking Power
Finding a good domain to be part of your PBN is the very foundation of building a solid PBN. There is no point in building a PBN with weak domains that cannot pass on any ranking power to your money site!You can acquire domains through a variety of methods.

You may buy a domain at an auction, you may buy a domain on a site like Flippa or you can grab an expired domain. You will need to make sure that the domain you acquire has good SEO metrics and is clean (that is - no spam content in the past or spammy links pointing to it). You will also need to check a multitude of domain metrics for each domain ensuring that it meets your minimum set standards based on the price you are going to be paying for the domain.

Here are important metrics you need to check
While examining the metrics of a potential domain that you want to buy for your PBN, you need to ensure that the domain does not smell of "spam". This means that it should not have been abused leaving some obvious footprints.

Amongst other things the domains historical content should not contain spam or junk in it and the backlinks to the Domain should resemble real natural backlinks.

Here are some of the core items you will need to scan each potential domain for...

  When you buy an Auctioned domain, you need to be wary of stalkers who are watching the auction and the high price the winner pays… and its commonplace to receive email extortions that threaten to expose the buyers PBN (if the intent was to setup the PBN) to Google if certain demands are not met. This is not seen much at all with expired domains.

Auction domains come with a hefty price but they can definitely pass a lot more link juice and power for SEO purposes. Also, many times these sites have real traffic and a lot of buzz that also adds to the site power and the site itself can rank in its niche for many keywords. I used to use PRpowershot Pro, but it looks like the site got sold and is offline.

  You can also look around for Domain Marketplaces that sell premium spam checked expired domains or on Facebook PBN Groups. However, you need to be really careful as there are a ton of noobs out there and scammers who don't have the slightest clue.

Here's a list of Domain Databases that simply pull Expiring, Auction, Dropping etc Domains from Registrar Databases

  You can insert media embeds - images, gif animations, videos into these pages to make them look more real.

What You DON'T Want To Do...

  Here’s why you need to implement the important plugins and functions above…

It’s a good idea to use a SEO plugin to basically structure your site so that it is SEO friendly. This includes having a sitemap, proper permalink structure ( which can be done via wordpress native Permalinks option also), proper title tags etc.

Make sure your WordPress Settings are different across your PBN sites
Make sure that the basic settings inside wordpress are different across your PBN sites.To do this you can access your basic settings inside each wordpress admin area and...

  Site Setup Footprints

  Site Linking Footprints